Saturday, 23 March 2013

Out and about in Cantabria -- In pictures

Here I'm posting some of my favorite pictures from our adventures in Cantabria during February and March, 2013.  

The Magdalena peninsula, located in Santander between the bay and the beaches.

Views from the peninsula:

Venturing further afield -- the beach at Liencres -- a short bus ride to the west of Santander.  We walked back along the coast to Santa Cruz, and then got a bus back to Santander.  


Walking back along the coast we had the sea to our left .....

.......cows and mountains to our right.

For our next adventure, we crossed the Bay of Santander on a ferry and arrived at Somo.

Here's the view looking back at Santander from the ferry.  The building with the turquoise front is the 'Palacio de Festivales', a theater/concert hall.  

And here's the beach on the other side:  Somo.  It's a popular year-round surfing spot.

On my birthday we walked out to the Cabo Mayor -- along the bay, past the peninsula, along the two Sardinero beaches, and then up to the top of the cliffs.

Chances are, I wouldn't have noticed these padlocks along the coastal path if I hadn't been reading about them the night before on Steve Cunningham's sabbatical blog post 'Russian weddings.'   Click the link to access Steve's blog and read more about this tradition.  

It was a very windy day up on the cliffs....

Happy birthday to me!!!!

Feb 27, 2013

Walking back along the beach, not a lot going on -- but thought this sign was interesting.  

While having a birthday lunch on the beach, we watched this guy kitesurfing.    

For our next outing, we decided to head south, i.e. away from the coast and towards the mountains. We took a bus to Obregón, walked through Parque de la naturaleza de Cabarceno, and then followed a mountain trail into Liérgenes.  From there we took a train back to Santander.

Here we are on the trail:

Next, here are some pictures from when I went back to Somo on the ferry by myself, then headed east along the coast to Galizano via Langre and Loredo.  Here are a few pics from that day.  

Between Somo and Langre

The beach at Langre

This was supposed to be my house; somebody missed the memo!

Church at Galizano
Finally, here are two pics from our outing on March 23, when we got a train southeast to Gibaja, walked up a mountain, got lost, and met a few horses (and various other animals).

We have a lot more exploring to do, so stay tuned for 'Out and About in Cantabria Part 2.'

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