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Lesson Materials and Proverbs now have their own separate blogs

Blogs from June 2013

Sabbatical Summary

Goodbye Santander:  Faces and places I will miss

Out and about in Cantabria part 3 (final)

In search of vegetarian tapas

Blogs from May 2013:

Out and about in Cantabria, Part 2

A horse for Sarah; the story of Robin, Sombra, and a maths lesson

Fiesta Virgen del Mar, May 20, 2013

Semana Santa travels:  From Santander to Milan

Hiking Pico Jano in the Picos de Europa

Spanish students on strike, 9 May

A Strange Form of Speaking; (notes on language storage, retrieval, and processing)

Blogs from April 2013:

A Spanish school arranges Mercadillo Solidario

Getting a straight answer

University of Cantabria:  The exchange experience

Text books:  University of Cantabria, a different model (updated May 9)

Blogs from March 2013:

A Spanish school celebrates Dia de la Paz (Peace Day)

All I need to know about life I learned playing cards with Grandad

Out and about in Cantabria -- in pictures

Are the Spanish more trusting than Americans?

Garmisch then and now:  a lesson in long term memory

Marmita de bonito; a Cantabrian fish stew

Blogs from February 2013:  

Life in Spain:  First Impressions

Invisible Gorillas, Peace and Justice Institute Principle #8, and Cultural Lessons in Barcelona  

Visit to International College of Seville

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