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  1. Hi Sarah, delighted to find your blog. I live in Houston, but a lifetime ago, I taught 20th c. humanities, at Valencia, on the east campus on Econ Trail... we lived near Econ and Curry Ford Road. Anyway, your observations are priceless, I love best the proverbs!

  2. Thank you Mrs. H! I love hearing from readers. I've been on east campus since 2003, so I'm sure we know some of the same people. I love Valencia. Proverbs now have their own separate blog (where there are some new ones) which you can access through this blog (just click on 'proverbs' on the top). Also, the proverbs have now become a lesson plan for the New Student Experience, a new Valencia class that has just been created and currently being piloted. As far as blogging, I won't be writing any more on this blog because I'm no longer on sabbatical, but keep an eye on the proverb blog because i'll be adding new proverbs every now and then. Also I'm creating a new blog for short stories I'm writing. Not sure when I will publish it, but when I do, I'll put a link from the proverb blog. Thanks again for getting in touch :)