Saturday, 2 March 2013

Moroccan proverb

Moroccan proverb: الجمل لا يمكن أن يرى سنام له، وأنه يمكن أن يرى فقط سنام أخيه

English translation:  The camel can’t see its hump, it only sees the hump of its brother

What do you think this proverb means?

(a)  I
t is proverb about humility and tolerance.  The hump represents faults.  It means that people should pay more attention to their own faults and not criticize the faults of others.  

(b)  It 
is a proverb about envy.  The hump represents possessions.  It means that people should not focus on what others have, but instead appreciate their own blessings.  

(c)  It is a proverb about being helpful.  The hump represents human needs.  It means we should focus less on our own needs and wants, and more on helping others.  

The correct answer is (a).  Moroccans value the qualities of humility and tolerance.  

Thanks to my student Youssef for sharing this proverb, and thanks to my colleague Afraim for helping in the editing process.

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